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Satoshi Tomiie – Balance Selections 200

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    Sun Apr 21 2024

Photo via Marc Veraart (Flickr) under license CC BY-ND 2.0 DEED

It feels like Satoshi Tomiie has been around forever, and in different guises over the decades. And it is his more recent transformation that I’m keen on.

When I previously wrote about a mix of his, I was surprised to hear the sound he was playing – minimal to start, and going into my kind of house music – having long written him off as a progressive house DJ.

I now know what to expect from a Satoshi Tomiie mix, and I find them more interesting each time – this mix starts minimal and intriguing.

It becomes delightfully chuggy for a while, NonniMal’s ArginTæta is a stand-out track for me, which then moves into Steve O’Sullivan’s slightly more groovy Burnt Out?

This is a mix of real underground quality – be it deeper house, minimal or more dubby/chuggy sounds.

Enjoyment rating of 7.40.

Balance Series · Balance Selections 200: Satoshi Tomiie