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Satoshi Tomiie @ Circo Loco, DC10 September 2016

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    Fri Apr 05 2019
Satoshi Tomiie at Tantra

This was unexpected. Satoshi Tomiie who I associate with the bygone era of progressive house, and Circo Loco who I associate with the blandness of tech-house.

The long-standing Japanese DJ doesn’t exactly play at the most cutting-edge gigs – I had pretty much forgotten his existence – so I was playing this set with absolutely no expectations. Which is probably why I am writing about this set instead of relatively new Rhadoo and Ricardo sets that I listened to this week…I expected perfect from them and got just enjoyable.

The mix starts slow and steady – almost on the minimal side. The pace picks up and heads into house territory – different styles of groove but all the time picking up the tempo. My highlight being Got That Swing by Mr G – any track by Mr G is always going to be the highlight!

It isn’t breaking any new ground, but it is an enjoyable 90 minutes of house music. I’m giving it a rating of 7.01. Also worth noting that the mix is a bit on the quiet side.