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Zefzeed at M – Ulmaridae (Moscow?)

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    Sat Jan 08 2022

Another week, another Romanian minimal techno mix – this time by Zefzeed.

But this isn’t just any mix. Well, not to me anyway. This is probably my most played DJ mix of 2021 – time after time this was the sound of my appropriately repetitive walks around my local neighbourhood.

Quite a squelchy bass-heavy start to Zefzeed’s mix, which suits me well. The mix goes through a range of minimal techno feels, “peaking” halfway with the sound of a supermarket checkout. That’ll be £5.99 please, sir.

Another moment that particularly impressed was his playing Open Air by Cab Drivers at a pitched-down speed – probably the track of the mix for me, and a surprisingly old track too. This coming after a more stripped-back and slightly dubby phase, which elongated the pleasure even more.

I don’t actually know much about Zefzeed himself. He’s from Romania, shock horror, and has been playing out for a good 15 years. His productions are pretty sweet too – Control Yourself, Samantha Fox and Coconut Milf are arguably my favourites, and all worth checking out – if you like minimal.

If you don’t like minimal then I have no idea why you follow this little blog.

Anyway. Enjoyment rating of 7.72.

Meduza Moscow · Zefzeed at M - Ulmaridae