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Voigtmann – Phonica Mix Series 69

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    Sat Jan 09 2021
Hackney Wick

I’ve been listening to mixes by Voigtmann for a number of years now, I guess since maybe around 2014, and lazily just clumped him in my head with the Romanians, not really thinking more – just because I discovered him around the same time as other really impressive DJs such as Sepp, Matei Tulbure and more.

This was at the least, musically lazy of me, although his sound certainly encapsulates minimal, it also easily veers into good, underground yet groovy house music at times, as this fairly short mix for the Phonica podcast series exemplifies.

Starts off fairly minimal but hits an underground house groove before we are halfway, with a couple of really fine tracks. That track at 30 minutes I will spend years trying to work out.

Then towards the end the tempo relaxes and we head back into something more stripped back.

And yeah, Voigtmann isn’t Romanian as I’d assumed. He’s German (I think) but living in London. He was one of the founders of Toi.Toi.Musik. Plus he’s now a resident at fabric.

Voigtmann is such a great DJ. Such an class mix. Hope I actually get to see him play in London post-pandemic.

Enjoyment rating of 7.85.

Phonica Records · Phonica Mix Series 69: Voigtmann