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Vera @ Hoppetosse, Berlin 27/11/2017

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    Fri Nov 02 2018

Vera is quite the authentic vinyl DJ. I’ve never got around to seeing her but I always take the opportunity to listen to her sets whenever they appear online – and roughly twice a year one will.

This set is outstanding, topping out at close to 5 hours of recorded DJing a Hoppetosse in Berlin.

It takes in quite a broad range of workable sounds, all based around the idea of fairly stripped-back, raw house music, flecked with electro or acid at times, veering into minimal at other times, with a few special touches too – notably a slowed-down old-school trance track – the kind of touches that a real expert in her field would only attempt.

Apart from one early glitch (don’t let it put you off), the mixing is spot on, gently gliding you through the array of sounds and emotions – keeping a certain darkness there are times, but plenty of pent-up joy.

There are quite a few astounding moments, like the pitched-up version of 8 Ba by Thomas Brinkmann, not a track I’m keen on in its original form, but sped up it sounds so essentially groovy – or this drum-based track that I will never work out what it is around 2hr 09.

Such a great DJ set, arguably the best I’ve heard all year. Enjoyment rating of 9.15.