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Tulbure – Trommel Podcast 110

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    Sat Oct 09 2021

I’ve listened to this mix by Tulbure so many times that I feel writing about it I might not do it justice – because it kind of got stuck in a loop when I was uninspired to search for new music, so maybe I just feel tired of it.

Yet I’ve left it alone for a couple of months before writing, so hopefully I’ve got a clear mind and as I hear the first plinks of Amazordum by Ricardo Villalobos, it feels like I am in the right place.

Tulbure is yet another Romanian DJ, and this is yet another minimal techno mix. Hey, I love minimal and this is my little piddly music blog. It isn’t the first time that I’ve featured a mix by Tulbure – who is a rather underrated DJ in the ro-minimal world.

The whole mix rolls along very nicely, veering between more underground house tracks and more minimal feels, basslines and bleeps with a groove too.

Like myself, Tulbure seems a huge fan of Ricardo and manages to squeeze at least one more of his tracks – a remix of Animal In Club by San Proper, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were more that I haven’t recognised.

Frustratingly there is quite a bad mix near the end…which must have been painful for Tulbure – and it does jolt for the listener a bit, and a shame as the last track is rather graceful.

That aside, this is a really good quality mix, and my enjoyment rating is 7.15.

Also do keep an eye out on the Trommel podcasts, who have a great selection of guests.

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