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The Maghreban – XLR8R Podcast 740

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    Fri Sep 02 2022
20_Quarry_Street,_Guildford (1)

Something a bit different for you this week, with a mix from The Maghreban.

I know I keep writing about obscure minimal techno DJs from Romania, but I’m only writing to you about what I’ve most enjoyed in the previous week…well…week in theory though more realistically every few weeks.

The Maghreban is someone far different from your average Romanian minimal DJ that I vaguely write about, yet there are still some minimal stylings in this mix.

I’ve known of The Maghreban from a while from more bass-scene kind of music, particularly his tracks Now Easy, and Monster VIP – the latter of which has a kind of stripped-back garage feel, the former a bit more up-tempo, yet both bass-led.

This mix starts with more of a stripped-back bass feel – you could call it offbeat techno and I do, before turning somewhat smoother and more emotive.

It’s definitely one of the more interesting and intellectual mixes I’ve semi-reviewed – it goes through multiple feels and emotions as it weaves it’s way through more chilled, more broken and more up-tempo tracks – yet always feeling whole.

Enjoyment rating of 8.15.

XLR8R · XLR8R Podcast 740: The Maghreban