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The Hacker – Resident Advisor 643

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    Fri Nov 01 2019
The Hacker

Dance music aficionados of a more aged variety (like me) will no doubt remember The Hacker from his work with Miss Kittin, especially tracks like 1982 and Frank Sinatra – released in 1998 but not really widely-heard until the electro/electroclash boom of the early 2000’s.

A quick flick through his discography and there is nothing I recognise since 2008, since he was releasing tracks like It Was Tomorrow and 2980 – powerful electro/techno crossovers.

Of course, electro is cool again and this is a powerful exposition to remind us of the beauty of electro – mixing old and new with EBM . Tracks from the likes of Front 242 and Tronik Youth segue so well together in the middle of the mix.

There are a few spots where for my personal tastes it drops a bit – this is a mix recorded in a club, after all – for example the acid track at 53 minutes just seems out of place, and I wasn’t keen on the energy reset at 20 minutes – I was pretty much dancing by that point. That’s not to reflect from the excellent quality of the mix, just more personal preferences.

It does tend a little tougher towards the end – though finishes on a pleasant surprise…I won’t ruin it for you.