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Terry Francis – fabric In Residence

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    Fri Sep 15 2017

Terry Francis is one of fabric’s two Saturday night residents. You probably always known this. The charm of Craig Richards, and his music, has long been known, but I feel that Terry Francis doesn’t quite yet have the revered status of Craig Richards.

I would quite happily go to fabric any Saturday night as long as Craig Richards was playing. Terry Francis, although I’d always appreciate him, never quite reached any similar status.

But he is finally growing on me. This is quite an excellent mix, starting with minimal techno sounds. He slowly grinds up the gears, and then it goes dark, with Picotto Dub & Frankyeffe’s ‘Latitude’ leading us down a different direction.

Once the hour passes, we are pretty much in techno territory, left in absolutely no doubt with The Advent’s remix of Zeitlupe by MBC.