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Suolo – Afterhours 087

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    Fri Dec 31 2021

Photo by Adi Coco from Pexels

Back to not very well known Romanian minimal techno DJs to start 2022 – Suolo this time.

A bit of a mystery this one, there’s seemingly no interviews and very little information about Suolo, though I found his Facebook profile. I guess I have to do the “it’s all about the music, mannnnnnnn” vomit-inducing phrase.

And I guess it is, though it is nice to be able to give you a tiny fragment of information other than dude from Romania that plays minimal techno.

I think I found this set randomly on Soundcloud, just listening to one minimal techno mix after another, until this mix from Suolo really enchanted me, perhaps triggered by the duck noises.

This mix glides along fairly seamlessly, with sweeping minimalism and occasional quirky noises, featuring tracks by the likes of Dragutesku and Laza Stojanovik (Way Back is quite a glorious edit).

It does tail off a little after the hour, as if he’s slowly ending an 8am DJ set, and then it gets a bit emosh towards the end – with a track I’m desperate to know the name of!

Enjoyment rating of 7.11

Afterhours. ☁ · Afterhours 087 w/ Suolo