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Subb-an – Gottwood Mix #50

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    Fri Sep 09 2022

Well I didn’t expect to be bringing you a post two weeks in a row. And I didn’t expect to be writing about Subb-an either.

10 years ago, sure. Between 2010 and 2013 his productions were on fire, and sound-tracked much of my life back then, in a period where bass-led slower house music took over from minimal, at least in my ears, and was probably the most exciting music around then.

Favourite tracks included What I Do, The Lovers Night and the magnificently exciting Misleading – plus a whole host of great remixes, of Anthea’s Distraction, or Tiga’s Pleasure From the Bass.

What happened? No idea, I mostly got out of that style, it stopped inspiring me. I’m not sure what Subb-an was doing, he didn’t stop making music, but I’d stopped taking notice of him – and same with his mixes too.

And then this Gottwood mix came along. I liked the start – rather ambient and chilled, and I was taking some ponderous notice.

It progresses into a very nice house mix, a little understated, a little groovy – kind of just what you need to mentally warm you up. Guess I need to be taking notice of Subb-an again.

Enjoyment rating of 7.40.

Gottwax / Gottwood · Gottwood Mix #50 - Subb-an