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Steve Bug Presents Play – D’Julz

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    Sat May 25 2024

Image via Patrick Nouhailler on Flickr, under license CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

D’Julz is one of those DJs that I’ve just been into forever, but yet never court the limelight like some others I follow – just consistently providing really damn good music.

It’s an hour of really good house music, though I think when D’Julz first caught my ear in the mid-2000’s he was playing more the Cocoon-style of techno (ish), sometimes something more minimal – and that was the music that I was really into back then.

Damn he produced some killer tracks/remixes in those days too.

Note to self – go through his back catalogue when time permits.

There isn’t a particular stand-out track on the mix, it is just an hour of quality and fairly understated house music – a timeless mix, though it does tend to get a bit more up-tempo and chunky towards the end, with tracks by the likes of Cassy and John Ciafone – whereas the beginning features tracks by the likes of Janeret.

Enjoyment rating of 7.25.

SteveBug · Steve Bug presents Play - mixed by D'Julz