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Sonja Moonear @ fabric, London – 2019

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    Sun Sep 27 2020
Swiss Mountains

Ahhh Sonja Moonear. I’ve been following her for years, seen her play out a few times when I actually still went to nightclubs, and always enjoyed her kinda trippy, hypnotic style – even before the Romanians such as Barac and Cristi Cons became more famous for it.

Though some recent sets I’ve heard she’s played much tougher sounds, often outright techno. Which occasionally I enjoy – but minimal, hypnotic sounds are much more my thing.

In fact, there isn’t a huge amount of minimal until nearer the end – this mix from Sonja Moonear features DJ Normal 4’s Return Of The Hooligans – those 90’s trance riffs over an understated squelchy beat, some house tracks also – verging on jacking house with Brett Johnson’s classic remix of Dream Machine.

The last 20 minutes or so becomes much more trippy, more minimal and into the kind of groove that I love so much. I think she was playing before Rhadoo so definitely makes sense to do so.

This is a really nice mix of a bit over an hour, and well worth your ears. And check out some of Sonja Moonear’s older mixes too.

Enjoyment rating of 7.55.

Juno Records · Sonja Moonear’s International Women’s Day mix for Juno Records x fabric