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Sis Girl’s Icy Hot Mix – HNYPOT 347

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    Fri Apr 17 2020

I don’t entirely know what to make of this mix from Sis Girl – perhaps one of those to file under “interesting”. Still, I enjoyed it enough to make it my mix of the week.

It does settle into a Ricardo-esque minimal groove early on yet subtley introduces more in the way of breaks and electro influences – yet still sounding like minimal techno if you are not paying enough attention.

Some of the tracks sound like they could be played by the likes of Mosca or Batu yet some sound right out of the playbook of Villalobos, which makes this not just an interesting mix – but a super interesting one that you can play again and again.

In fact, I feel that I may have under-sold Sis Girl’s mix in my introduction. I did really enjoy this and it really is a mix that you can play on repeat to appreciate the different textures going on. Enjoyment rating of 8.11.