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Shanti Celeste – Dekmantel Podcast 179

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    Fri May 31 2019

I didn’t get Shanti Celeste until recently. I saw her years ago at Secretsundaze and was fairly nonplussed – for some reason I thought she was a famous pop singer that was now DJing, but that probably shows my total lack of pop music knowledge (don’t ask me to be in your pub quiz team).

However, now I hear that she has blossomed into a really interesting DJ, which is captured really well on this very interesting mix for Dekmantel.

It starts with a more offbeat techno kind of style, unusual but very British music which is difficult to pigeon-hole, some bass and breaks.

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The mix veers into electro with a touch of the classic Sharevari, before taking a surprising turn – and a quite brilliantly mixed twist too. I won’t ruin it for you. And it finishes with a beautiful disco moment.

This is a clever intriguing mix, and one you need in your life. Enjoyment rating of 8.20.