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Seth Troxler – Essential Mix – 07/05/2022

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    Fri Mar 10 2023

I’m surprised that I’m featuring Seth Troxler, as his time was a long time ago, but this two hour essential mix has rather a lot of class.

I’ve listened to a couple of other mixes of his recently, and just found them boring – loads of effects whilst mixing which to my purist ears is just pure annoyance.

Yet this is on the money. I guess it can be desirable to maintain “coolness” and dismiss Seth Troxler, and all those DJs of previous hype cycles, but you may forget, or not realise in the first place that Seth Troxler really, really knows his house music.

And this mix is all about house music. Joyously so.

It starts off on the deep side, and starts to get going with the classy And God Created Woman by Teddy Douglas – a track that sounds older than from 2009.

There are remixes from Ralph Rosario and Ricardo Villalobos in the mix, and a highlight is the gospel version of Armand Van Helden’s You Don’t Know Me – which did put some joy into another cloudy winter’s day here in London.

It is just a really good house mix. Enjoyment rating of 7.18.

He still has great hair too.