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Senior Vasquez – Paraiso 001

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    Fri Aug 02 2019

Senior Vasquez sounds like somebody that has been in the house game for ages…but no, you are thinking of Junior Vasquez. Well, I was anyway.

A Portuguese DJ, perhaps better known to you as Photonz, or perhaps just not really that well known at all.

This is a mix centred around house and garage – the US garage sound which was massive in the early 1990’s.

Some moments are funky enough for a funky house DJ, others make you want to swing your hips with wild abandon – the track at 12m which Shazam keeps telling me is by a different artist every time is just whoa, give it to me.

This is jolly nice house mix and I insist that you listen to it, especially on a sunny day. Enjoyment rating of 7.34. And if anyone knows what the track at 12m is, please let me know!