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Seb Wildblood – Robot Heart @ Burning Man 2018

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    Fri Sep 13 2019
seb wildblood

After last week’s madness, something to calm you and soothe you this week.

Seb Wildblood is a DJ and producer based in London that is starting to make waves.

This is 90 minutes of house music, starting somewhat more deep and minimal, though suddenly switches gears after 40 minutes with “Hot Like Jam” – a pretty damn hot edit of a classic house track.

I think the mix does lose my interest a little after that – it kind of feels like it peaks too early – all the tracks I personally enjoy most are in that first 50 minutes or so. Though you may prefer otherwise – horses for courses, my friends.

Whatever your thoughts on Seb Wildblood’s mix, this is a good quality underground house mix, from a DJ that is just going to get better. Enjoyment rating of 7.30 out of 10.

Check out his productions too – I’m a big fan of the “Small Talk” track.