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Satoshi Tomiie @ The Lot Radio 03/11/2023

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    Sat Jun 01 2024

Image via Erik Cooper (Flickr) under license CC BY 2.0 DEED

Satoshi Tomiie again?

Like there’s around 100,000 DJs in the world and I’m posting again about Satoshi Tomiie who I featured just 5, erm, “weeks” ago? 5 posts ago anyway.

Well, I listened to this after posting the previous little write-up, and realised that I liked this mix more. It differs from the previous one in that it feels more up-tempo, and it just much more house music, mostly house music in fact.

Deeper and a tad fluffier to start, but it becomes chunky and very danceable.

Enjoyment rating of 7.80.

Damn Satoshi is a class act.

The Lot Radio · Satoshi Tomiie @ The Lot Radio 03-11-2023