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Saoirse with Leif – Rinse FM Show – 8th February 2019

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    Sat Oct 17 2020

I haven’t quite worked out what to expect from Saoirse yet. Sometimes I listen and she is playing house music, other times techno. Neither of which have stood out to me as worth writing about – nice mixes but nothing exciting.

This is one of her radio shows from Rinse FM in 2019 – and is entirely different. Much more stripped back, experimental, kind of leftfield techno. Think Monolake and Echoplex and you’ll understand. It is a radio show, so there is occasional interjecting from Saoirse, though her passion for the music she plays shines through, helped by the Irish accent.

The second half is really what draws me to write about it. Leif’s guest mix for an hour is quite the masterpiece in setting tone and structure in a DJ mix. Again, similarly sparse and stripped-back sounds – though much more so than Saoirse.

Some really interesting music being played, almost on the Hessle Audio kind of tip at times, but stripped-back. Alas, it does take a twist into drum’n’bass for the last 15 minutes, but it is quite chilled out stuff – just not my bag.

I’ve barely come across Leif on my musical adventures – I know him only for a track called Igam-Ogam which I’m a big fan of. Two interesting DJs for the future here who I think have the potential to become very well known.

Enjoyment rating of 7.04.

Rinse FM · Saoirse with Leif - 8th February 2019