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S.A.M. @ RTS Ibiza 11/08/2018

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    Fri Oct 25 2019
Random Photograph of some rocks in Ibiza

Denmark isn’t exactly reknowned for producing great minimal techno DJs/producers – of which S.A.M. is both – this is not only the second time that I have featured one of his mixes, but he has so many amazing productions – my favourites being Pour Aisha, Brooklyn Nights and Descend To Ascend.

I’d plonk him very much in the minimal techno zone, though rooted a bit more in house music – somewhere closer to the London minimal scene than Romania, for example.

The mix starts understated and stripped back, a mixture of more minimal and dub techno tracks.

Then it goes into the melodic bliss of Kettenkarussell’s Maybe, which is such a gorgeous track – but not only that, is the twist into something a bit more house-orientated.

Another classy mix from a top DJ and producer. Enjoyment rating of 7.51.