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Robert Bergman @ Dekmantel Selectors 2018

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    Fri Feb 14 2020

The first thing you find when you search for Robert Bergman is a website called “I Love Growing Marijuana”.

Is this the same Robert Bergman that is a DJ based in Amsterdam? I haven’t the foggiest.

Speaking of fog, this is perfect music to relax on a beach and smoke weed to – if you like that kind of thing. It isn’t really my usual sort of thing – after 10 minutes of listening to this at work I was going to skip it and put some minimal or house on like normal.

I should tell you what it is. Reggae. Chilled reggae. Maybe dub reggae. I’m not entirely sure on genre definition as I’ve listened to 3 hours of music like this in my adult life, and that is this mix.

A thoroughly enjoyable near 3 hours of bobbing up and down, thoroughly chillaxing. Give reggae a chance. Give this mix by Robert Bergman a chance. Enjoyment rating of 7.12.