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Ricardo Villalobos b2b Raresh @ Amnesia, 2018 (Essential Mix)

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    Sat Jan 16 2021

If you follow either Ricardo Villalobos or Raresh then this mix is unlikely to be new to you. Released, if I recall correctly, fairly near the beginning of Lockdown 1, this was a tiny little moment of excitement in those really rather dark and uncertain times.

So maybe this is a reminder for you – it was a reminder for me when I spent a bit of time this morning tidying up all the 3,000 or so icons on my desktop (slight exaggeration but I’m sure you know what I mean) and was like, “ooooh I should really post this”. Especially given that some of you are in another lockdown – like I am sat here writing in London.

This Ricardo Villalobos b2b Raresh mix starts minimal – clicky tracks, deep tracks – as you might expect though both DJs are known for playing house music too, Ricardo especially.

And yes, it does gradually tempo-up into house music at times, with the glorious The Surf Way by Point G being a perfect example. But generally retains the underground and quite stripped back feel.

In a way, I feel that this Ricardo Villalobos b2b Raresh mix could have been more magic than it is – it has a sublime feel to it, yet there is a trigger missing to take it to the next level, that you know these two can produce – and maybe did produce that night later on.

I guess we are just hearing the warm-up. Enjoyment rating of 7.66. Gosh I wish we could be in Ibiza right now.

Electronique Underground · Ricardo Villalobos - Radio 1's Essential Mix - 14.09.2018