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Rhadoo @ fabric’s 19th Birthday

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    Sat Oct 24 2020

You might wonder why I’ve never featured the wonderful Rhadoo on this page before.

Well, DJ mixes from Rhadoo are pretty damn rare – and it is worth noting that this live set from fabric’s 19th birthday party isn’t the best sound quality that you’ll ever hear.

What immediately stands out most from this mix by Rhadoo is some of the basslines that are deployed, such as from a pitched-down speed garage track from 1996 – I’m just such a fan of DJs that can pick a track from a totally different genre and make it work at a completely different pitch. And that monster of a track – Burn The Elastic by Violet…whoa.

Yet if you listen a few times, you’ll more note the technical abilities of Rhadoo, the way that multiple tracks interplay in the mix – the different styles of mixing and the different styles of music – though all kind of coalescing around a minimal theme. Minimalish anyway.

This is a fantastic mix and well worth 90 minutes of your time, with some true crate-diggers music and mostly excellent mixing.

Enjoyment rating of 8.16.

Club Guesthouse · GH001 :::: Rhadoo (recorded live at fabric's 19th Birthday)