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Raphaël Top-Secret – TMS.467

  • Post Date
    Fri May 26 2023

Ahhh after a stressy day at work it is nice to put on a chilled, groovy mix – and this mix from Raphaël Top-Secret hits that sweet spot.

Raphaël Top-Secret is not such a top-secret DJ nowadays, playing often in Paris and Brussels, with DJ sets in pretty cool parties – he even had/has a residency at the Rex Club in Paris.

The mix just starts in glorious beach festival style, the tones of Willie Colon’s Set Fire To Me (Inferno Dub) just drifting over me as if I’m really sat beside the sea in Croatia, watching the sunset, drinking a beer – instead of trying to decompress from a day of failing to write code.

Or then there’s Ona King’s Premonition Of Lost Love (Extended Adult Mix) which just has a sublime amount of warmth. Two amazing tracks, and we are just three tracks in. And yes – there is a tracklisting – though I do actually know both tracks.

Raphaël Top-Secret then slows down a bit and becomes kind of old school funky – I think this was a warm-up set for Moodymann, so it would have been interesting to have been there to have experienced how it went down.

It kind of veers between deeper shades of house and funk for much of the rest of the mix, top quality tracks from the likes of Daphne, Loose Joints and Mr Fingers, hopefully give you an understanding of the vibe – but really you should just listen anyway. I’m feeling more chilled now, anyway.

Enjoyment rating of 8.06.