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Prosumer – Wave Mix 0

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    Sat Apr 03 2021

Apparently a prosumer is an individual who both consumes and produces. He’s also a very good house music DJ, with a solid beard – and you should really be consuming this DJ mix of his.

Prosumer has been one of my favourite (ish) DJs for many years, though just for a minority of the 25 years or so that he has been DJing – the kind of DJ that I look up when I’m looking for a quality house music set that I can bounce around to.

Currently located in Edinburgh though he spent many years as a fairly important part of the Berlin scene – and he has a fair discography behind him too, sometimes with other collaborators like Tama Sumo, with releases on the likes of Playhouse, Mobilee and rather regularly, OstGut Ton.

Yet he’s still not especially widely known as a DJ…in the grand scheme of things. Not as well known as I feel he deserves to be, but I also get the feeling that he is quite happy not being the superstar.

This is an hour of quality house music, tracks from the likes of Todd Terry and Mood II Swing give it a classic feel – generally uplifting, definitely danceable, and finishes with a little disco moment.

Enjoyment rating of 7.59.