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Pinch – Groove Podcast 150

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    Sun Sep 20 2020

It feels like we are going back into darker times once more, especially in the UK with more covid restrictions and end of the summer weather both also upon us – so it feels right to be bringing you a rather dark and moody mix from Pinch.

Dark, yes. Moody, yes. Excellent – also yes.

I remember when I first listened to this mix by Pinch, I was walking along with it playing in my ears, over some good quality earphones – and the first 7 minutes or so were really unsettling, some distorted, dirty bass along with snippets of Robocop – I did consider skipping the rest of the mix. You might too – but give it chance, because I’ve come to find Pinch a really interesting producer. Skip the first 7 minutes if you really have to.

This was the first time that I’d ever listened to a DJ mix from Pinch – I am aware of him of his productions that straddle the strange conjunction techno and bass. I’m a huge fan of his productions with Mumdance, and I also played his ‘Skylines’ track the last time I DJ’d out – which is almost definitely the last time I will ever DJ in a nightclub.

So onto this mix. It is a mix that broods its way into groove, with basslines, growls, clicks and bleeps. He does indeed play Skylines and also his collaboration with Mumdance, Strobe Light, along with lots of other really interesting tracks on that bass/techno conjunction.

Definitely one to listen to if you are interested in that conjunction, like a bassline or darker sounds, or are just a bit more adventurous.

Enjoyment rating of 7.58.

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