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Phase Fatale – Truancy Volume 242

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    Sat Jan 11 2020
Phase Fatale

Well I’ve had a break – blame Christmas, New Year and all the associated activities – and stuff like working.

Quieter, more peaceful times now – except that I am punctuating it with something not peaceful at all, the post-techno and EBM sounds of Phase Fatale’s mix for Truancy.

Those who haven’t heard of EBM – don’t be confusing it for EDM – it couldn’t really be further from reality. EBM is a style of music popularised by the likes of Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb in the 1980’s – kind of punky synth with an industrial theme, and Phase Fatale is one of the artists working with such a sound in a modern 2020’s setting.

With releases on Ostgut Ton and a residency in Berghain, Phase Fatale has been at the forefront of bringing this sound back – and introducing it to new audiences, such as myself, over recent years. So much so that in my DJ residency of old, I played a Nitzer Ebb track to initial excitement – though after a few minutes I realised half the dancefloor had cleared.

This mix starts dark and ambient, though it isn’t too long before moody broken beats take us towards a 4/4 life.

Flitting between techno and EBM, all with dark and/or industrial overtones – yet never really going for the kill and staying well away from the obvious, this is a serious DJ mix

If, like me, you are utterly bored of “business techno” – this is a direction I recommend that your ears go. Enjoyment rating of 7.98.

There is a full interview with Phase Fatale on the Truancy blog which goes with this truly wonderful mix.