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Phase Fatale – KHIDI Podcast Nr.4

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    Sat Aug 07 2021

So the nightclubs are open and I’ve decided to cut my social life. Well, I’m too old for clubs anyway – but I’m not quite yet too old for banging techno by the likes of Phase Fatale.

Well, this isn’t just plain, ordinary techno because that would be boring. I’m sure there is good, exciting straight-forward techno out there but I’m not finding it.

This mix from Phase Fatale channels so much raw emotion – and quite a lot of anger – at least for me. I discovered it during the winter lockdown in January (in the UK) and it just felt so right for the times. And now it’s allegedly summer yet just pissing it down all the time, it still feels right.

It starts with an oomph. No messing around. And then rolls around in a forbidding manner for some time, going through some twisted techno and some more industrial/EBM sounds (why I really like Phase Fatale in the first place), but then surprises with a drop into a classic emotional breakdown…which I cannot work out the name of. And it is the perfect moment for a rest.

The mix then growls and slams its way to another climax.

I hope you’ve got some energy. Enjoyment rating of 7.46.

KHIDI · KHIDI Podcast NR.4: Phase Fatale