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Omar S @ Dekmantel 04/08/2017

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    Fri Feb 09 2018

Omar S is someone I tend to overlook as a DJ. Such a brilliant producer – Set It Out is just orgasmic want-to-cry beauty.

So I listened to this without any real expectations – assuming a house set, perhaps with some techno. What I ended up with was one hour with a fair amount of classic house tracks, intertwined with a little techno and a liberal scattering of Omar S productions which later becomes a flood.

A lot of energy abound, sure the occasional vocal track where I was like “really?”, but then some genius moments like flipping into Jumpin’ by Todd Terry.

It is an energetic, reverent two hours of music – quite a showcasing of Omar S’s productions, and yes you get a snippet of Set It Out.

My enjoyment rating of 7.79 out of 10.