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Objekt – Resident Advisor Podcast 650

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    Sat Dec 12 2020

Objekt is an interesting DJ. He really came to my attention through both Theme From Q and Needle & Thread – the former being a particularly huge track due to it’s melody – though I appreciated both more due to their spacious offbeat feels.

I’ve listened to a couple of mixes of Objekt’s and never really been taken by them, until I listened to his Resident Advisor podcast.

This mix kind of starts pensive – you know, it’s building up but around the 10 minute mark it takes a more sinister turn and it feels like the mix means business. Yet it twists again and takes you in an unexpected direction – swapping floaty directionless highs with pensive and threatening bass.

The tracks used are really quite outstanding – and the mix is put together really intelligently – swapping fairly different levels of intensity and emotion, with tracks of quite varied speeds, and an eventual realisation that there isn’t much of a kick drum going on.

If you just want a standard techno mix to dance along to, this probably isn’t for you. This is a mix to explore what can be done with music broadly in the techno field – it is intelligent, it is perhaps even quite mind-blowing.

Enjoyment rating of 7.61. I definitely appreciate this mix from Objekt and hope you can too.

Resident Advisor · RA.650 Objekt