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Nicolas Lutz @ Concrete, Paris (My Own Jupiter Podcast 09)

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    Fri Aug 30 2019

Nicolas Lutz is someone that has been creeping onto my radar recently, though apart from one pretty uninteresting mix, I didn’t know much about him.

This mix starts sluggishly yet purposefully striding through electronic soundscapes. It gets particularly interesting at times, especially with tracks like Deadly Sins by Nubian Mindz which in a different era could have been on a chill-out compilation.

It really is quite intriguing but slow music – but don’t let that put you off as you could very easily end up dancing to this, though it makes me want to make stranger moves than normal.

These are also not easy tracks to mix, yet the 3 hours glides by pretty seamlessly. Towards the end of the 3 hours, it is in somewhat more comfortable underground house territory.

This is really quite a super mix, and one well worth you spending a bit of time getting to know. An enjoyment rating of 8.22.