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Nathan Fake – Resident Advisor 562

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    Fri Mar 24 2017

I remember around 12 years ago, I went to to Nathan Fake gig in Reading, where he lived at the time, as did I, and went up to him gushingly at the bar going, “Are you Nathan Fake? Wow, it’s amazing to meet you, your music is out of this world”, or some fawning teenage girl crap like that.

He first came to my attention with The Sky Is Pink (the James Holden remix is the one you’ll probably know – so good that I want it played at my funeral), but followed this up with a selection of other glitchy yet soulful electronic tracks, such as Grandfathered and Long Sunny.

However, tastes change and it wasn’t long before this glitchy sound started to offend my ears – as I got older I required smoothness. Within a year of discovering him, I became so involved in Berlin minimal that nothing else excited me – and as I mentioned, Nathan Fake’s music I sadly started to find painful – nothing at all to do with the quality, simply my personal musical journey.

I wasn’t expected much from this mix.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable journey through electronic music – a lot of mood setting to begin with a variety of electronic styles, some slightly more breakbeat styles mixed in with some more experimental techno, flashes of Aphex Twin mixed in with Omar S – with it tending to more classic house sounds and a true how did I forget that track moment, with Lush from Orbital.

A real treat and a rather mature mix.