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Mumdance @ Primavera Sound 2022

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    Sun Jan 15 2023

Mumdance, not to be confused with the fitness classes for mothers, has a rather different sound from most of the sets that I feature on this rather minimal-heavy blog.

This is definitely more maximal than minimal, 90 minutes of up-tempo music, masterly mixed by Mumdance at the Primavera festival – one of his first gigs back after a 3 year break from DJing.

I first came across Mumdance with his Bristol-esque productions with Logos or Pinch – the former together produced quite a stand-out bass track called Truth – there was quite some bass-led darkness into his productions during this period, which I love.

This mix doesn’t really fit into that theme though, and somehow melds the lines between grime and techno, whilst sampling snippets of Stardust’s French filter-tastic 90’s track, Music Sounds Better With You.

This mix is on the front foot from the beginning and the pace doesn’t really relent – moving from track to track, and genre to genre, very quickly, though there is a fair amount of grime…for a while, which is arguably what Mumdance is most associated with.

But it’s when you hear Madonna’s Like a Prayer that the mix really comes into its own – maybe it makes less sense to those who didn’t go through the early 90’s happy hardcore era. This is when the fun really starts, arguably peaking with Jimmy-J + Cru-L-T’s Six Days.

Well that’s me woken up. Enjoyment rating of 7.66.

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