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Mr G – Truancy Podcast Volume 157

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    Sun Nov 12 2017

Mr G Is a highly under-rated house producer. Well, I say highly under-rated, but those that know about him rate him very highly – but he doesn’t seem to be known as well as his excellent productions – and DJ sets – would suggest.

Generally a house music producer, though sometimes veering into the techno territory such as on the track, Contrast – one of my all time Mr G favourites – and I have lots of favourites.

Online mixes are fairly few and far between from Mr G – some occasional radio shows that showcase his wide range of musical influences, but this is a proper mix.

Starting quite slow and understated, this explodes into a bounty of warmth, peaking (for my tastes) with Romanthony’s Floorpiece.

And to finish, it twists off into a totally different direction with some bass-led darkness.

The timing, quality of mixing and track selection are all absolutely spot on.

My enjoyment score is a super-high 9.01 out of 10.