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Mr. G – Shop Sounds

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    Fri Oct 22 2021

Yes there’s actually house music this week – courtesy of Mr. G.

I know I post a lot of minimal but it is my favourite genre, and most of the mixes in my head that I should post are minimal too.

So before I go into week’s more of minimal, this is my recommendation to you to check out this mix by Mr. G – a stalwart of house music, and occasionally techno, for 20 or so years. You can check out his very impressive discography on Discogs. Precious Cargo, 28 and Contrast are a few of my favourites.

Anyway, lets talk about this mix. Apparently mostly made up of records that he discovered in Tokyo, it starts very much on a house tip, though midway through the hour the tempo really picks up and we do get into something like techno before you really are ready, or at least before I was readyy – but it is just an hour-long mix so maybe that one is on you. Or maybe just on me.

The transitions in and out of Flash by Green Velvet do seem a tad out of place – like, the mix would make more sense without that track, but either way, this is still an enjoyable, danceable mix.

You probably know who Mr. G is anyway if you have discovered this little blog, but if you don’t, then do take a bit of time to check him out. He doesn’t play out that often, occasionally live, occasionally as a DJ – and he loves more than just house and techno – so you should get a real treat.

Enjoyment rating of 6.95.

Wellgosh · Shop Sounds by Mr. G