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Move D – Off Sonar 2017

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    Fri Oct 26 2018

If only I had a pound for every Move D set that is on the internet. As good as he is, sometimes it can seem like you’ve heard it all before when you listen to a Move D set.

Move D is a really interesting and almost mercurial person, reading his insight into dance music and the world in general is always intriguing. Though when it comes to his DJ sets, they are a lighter, friendly, fun experience.

This set stuck out for me as there are lots of fun moments, lots of sunshine moments – starting from the unusual edit of Madonna’s Holiday. Going back to what I was saying earlier, sometimes listening to a Move D set can seem like a chore, despite how much I really, really like the music, however I’m sat here right now, in full-on hangover mode yet feeling like I want to have a dance after just 30 minutes, and in particular this track:

This set hits the spots. Simply really good, sunshine-filled happy music – and yeah it is pouring down with rain as I write too. Maybe part of the reason why I feel Move D sets can feel like a chore is that I do like a spot of misery at times. And I love the rain too.

A perfect encapsulation of Move D, an enjoyment rating of 8.07.