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Mosca & The Analogue Cops, NTS Radio, 12th October 2016

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    Fri Jan 19 2018

This isn’t easy listening. Sat here hungover (well I was at the time of writing), writing little introductions to some of my favourite DJ sets – this scuttles from one moment of musical oddity/discomfort to another – yet this is beguiling music.

This is actually Mosca’s brilliant NTS radio show but without the talking.

Some occasional urban beats, mix with spaced-out electronic soundscapes, and just plain weirdness – like the track that sounds somewhere between a squeaky door and a drill. Lots of rumblings of bass (probably why I like it so much).

The Analogue Cops hour follows Mosca, and is more of a complete mix – far less obscure and often house.

Not the first time that I have posted a radio show from Mosca, but definitely one of his best. This is inspirational music – but wait until you are in the right mode…hangovers or after-parties are not the place. Probably solo-listening, when you are feeling patient and open-minded.

My enjoyment rating is 8.06.