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Mosca & Franklin de Costa

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    Sat Jun 24 2017

I’ve been listening to Mosca’s radio monthly radio shows for a year or so now and have been waiting for the perfect show to be able to introduce you him.

This isn’t the perfect show and I don’t know if that is even a possible construct in the musical world he belongs to. Some of you might assume an association with dubstep, or more recently the bass scene with Mosca, but there is far, far more to him than that – and he is playing some of the most interesting electronic music out there.

Musically, the music played is best described as electronic – sometimes close to minimal, sometimes closer to techno, sometimes more bass-influenced – sometimes too experimental to be pigeonholed. It is all interesting and varied electronic music, all captured under Mosca’s style – which comes with a handful of calm easy now’s from Mosca himself, which surprisingly contribute to the musical soundscape.

Roughly the second half of the show is a mix from Franklin de Costa, which is a deconstructed soundscape of various minimal-influenced bass and electro tracks (or possibly the other way around). Quite sumptuous and future-looking.

This is the sound of the future. I implore you to give it two hours of your time. And listen to every Mosca radio show going forwards.