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Millos Kaiser – Resident Adviser Podcast 690

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    Fri Feb 21 2020
Sao Paulo

Is it summer yet?

Resident Adviser podcasts have introduced me to some weird music, some wonderful music and occasionally some shite (subjective, of course). This mix falls into the wonderful category.

It starts with a favourite of mine, Norma Jean by Benjor – an edit from Millos Kaiser himself. Broadly-speaking, the mix settles on daytime disco that would accompany an afternoon at a beach bar, quite possibly in Brazil where quite a bit of the music, and Millos Kaiser himself, are from.

Most of this was new music to me – and quite possibly will be to you too, unless you are more clued up on Brazilian disco sounds than I. Some really funky, fresh yet 80’s-tinged tracks mixed in, with quite a liberal mixing style which this kind of music necessitates.

I don’t know much about Millos Kaiser himself, except that he is from Sao Paulo in Brazil, lives there and owns a bar there. And really likes this kind of funky, synthesised disco music that sounds very 80’s.

Stick it on and wait for summer to appear. It won’t be far away. Enjoyment rating of 7.29.