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Mihigh @ Sunrise Hub – 26/08/2020

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    Fri Apr 29 2022

Photo by Czapp Árpád:

Hello! I’m back with another Romanian minimal DJ to recommend to you – shock horror. This time it is Mihigh’s DJ mix that has caught my attention.

Caught my attention and kept my attention – this 3 hour beauty of a mix went on repeat for some days…well…possibly weeks.

Mihigh is one of those DJs that I actually discovered by his productions, only over the last couple of years really – and his EP with Lizz from 2021 with tracks like Congo and Hau Come is just minimal fire. Oh for a vinyl release. Ohhhhhh.

Well, you cannot have everything you desire in life.

The mix from Mihigh actually gets quite dark, quite quickly – recorded in summer of 2020 then I guess perhaps there was a real feeling of loneliness and pensive brooding, which some of the tracks very much evince – the track around 28 minutes is just a superb example of lonely, dark minimal techno.

The mixing and the music in the first 90 minutes are just superb – some of the tracks are just sensational and how they’ve all been put together, the thought behind the ordering and the mixing itself is just peachy. I’d go so far to say that the first 90 minutes of the mix, ending with Rhadoo’s Geemac, is the best 90 minutes of mixed music I’ve heard in years.

However, and it is a cautious however as opposed to an oh fuck however, the mix does seem to veer to something more outgoing afterwards. It is still a good mix, bar one super clunky mix, and the music remains enjoyable. Just not to the exceptionally high standards set before.

One odd highlight is BarBQ’s Myself, pitched down, from many years ago – which does seem rather juxtaposed in deep house sunshine compared to much of the rest of the mix, but it kind of works.

Just the latter half is not so seamless, doesn’t have so much thought – at least from a sit at home perspective. That first 90 minutes though…wow.

Enjoyment rating of 8.36.

ViktoriaRia · Mihigh @ Sunrise Hub, Live Studio Session (2020.08.26.)