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Mick Wills – Ravage Mix Series 074

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    Fri Aug 23 2019
Mick WIlls

Another week and another new DJ to discover. Quite how I have only just discovered this German DJ that has been a part of DJ Hell’s Gigolo – and not only that but been DJing since the mid-1980’s, I have no idea.

At the simplest description, this is an electro mix, but it is so much more than – and so well programmed too.

The beginning of the mix is quite brilliant. Starting with an Anthony Rother track, this soon become a powerful yet chugging mix, with Kraftwerk’s Numbers mixed over another track to transform it into something quite unique and brilliant. This is what DJing is about.

There are a variety of electro styles, from the almost indie-electro Echodroides, to tracks that you could almost put in a disco set, to tracks that almost verge on EBM.

There is power and there is inventive mixing by the bucketload, not just the aforementioned Kraftwerk mix but the segue from Phuture’s Your Only Friend into a track that Villalobos has been hammering for a while, by A Homeboy A Hippie & Funky Dredd.

Such a brilliant mix, taking in quite a diverse range of sounds whilst remaining very much an electro-heavy mix, my enjoyment rating of 8.89 out of 10.