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Markovela – XLR8R Podcast 759

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    Sun Dec 04 2022

No, I don’t know anything about Markovela – I’ve never even heard of Markovela until I downloaded this XLR8R mix.

Apparently Markovela is a DJ from Denmark (Copenhagen is damn cool by the way and well worth a weekend…if you have enough money anyway), though based in Berlin and apparently originally influenced by Trentemøller – who is also Danish and back in the day did some pretty cool minimal stuff.

Markovela’s mix is approaching two hours of groovy, minimal hi-hatted house. Vibe architecture, he calls it in the XLR8R interview. Well, if you must.

It doesn’t really do much over the first 30 minutes or so – I guess you could say the pencils are being sharpened and the design of the mix is being planned.

From that point, Markovela injects further melody and groove and veers very much into ro-minimal, if he wasn’t already. But you know what I mean – it becomes more dreamy.

I don’t think this mix will blow you away, but it is a really nice near 2 hours of minimal.

Enjoyment rating of 6.94.

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