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Marco Shuttle – The Bunker Podcast 212

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    Sat Jan 02 2021

So. Happy New Year. It will be happy, right? This near 6-hour mix from Marco Shuttle should help anyway.

Marco Shuttle seems quite an interesting character, with a background in fashion and career as DJ and producer, though of course the DJ aspect is what is most interesting for this little blog.

And his style is that of techno – his mixes are often fairly heavy on the techno front but take a while to get there – the ones I have listened to so far have always had this atmospheric build up.

And this near 6-hour mix, recorded live at Public Records in Brooklyn (spot on mixing throughout the whole time) starts spooky – spooky and creepy as it weaves its way through an hour or so of more ambient and super-interesting sounds. Beats are there after a while but not to the forefront.

During the second hour, it takes on more of a Hessle Audio kind of feel – beats now more to the front of the music but in broken styles. There’s some really fine music being played like Haunted Samba by Sneaker.

There’s dalliances into house music, along with electro and EBM sounds as it progresses to heavier techno sounds towards the end, without quite going proper 4/4 techno – there is enough to keep people interested until the end.

This mix from Marco Shuttle is an excellent way to spend your morning, or afternoon – or evening. Enjoyment rating of 8.01.

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