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Magda – Circo Loco Radio 019

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    Fri Aug 31 2018

Circo Loco used to be cutting-edge. I can see a few of you with raised eyebrows – and don’t get me wrong, you and I would still have a very good night out there.

But back in the day, it used to feature what were to become the most-exciting DJs around – now it features DJs that are already hyped. There are reasons for this, of course, for example, underground house and techno is far more accessible than it used to be – far more welcoming than it used to be. If you listen to their podcast series, or go to the night, you’ll hear just how formulaic and predictable the music has become. Fun, danceable – but not breaking any new territory.

Magda used to fit into the camp of one of the most-exciting DJs around, especially in the Uberdoolische make-the-tea days. She used to bring some of the most captivating and stylish minimal – back roughly when Circo Loco was one of the most exciting nights around.

For my tastes, she also lost her way – treading her way through fairly ordinary yet reasonably underground sounds. Until this mix.

Recorded live during the 2017 season, this is a return to her clicky yet groovy best – expansive yet towards minimal, and thoroughly engaging. This is one of those mixes that you’ll want on time and again. It’s a mix that reminds me of Circo Loco in it’s pomp. Enjoyment rating of 7.75…it does get a bit more ordinary towards the end.

As for the rest of the mix series, Seth Troxler and Tania Vulcano’s mixes are worth a listen – some are really crap like Dubfire’s or Agoria’s.

And if you want to know what I mean when I say it used to be really special…

How few phones…