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Maayan Nidam – CDV, Berlin Part 5 (July 2016)

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    Fri Oct 27 2017

This is supposed to be DJ Mix Of The WEEK – yet it is a few weeks since I’ve listened to anything worth posting about.

I am surprised that I have never talked about Maayan Nidam before.

I had known her name for a while, but she stood out as a truly classy act on a disappointing night out a couple of years back, and ever since I have been following the seemingly diminutive Israeli DJ – ensuring that I listen to as many of her sets as possible. Still yet to see her out again though.

This set is a really excellent traversal through underground house/minimal styles. Starting off deep, becoming hypnotic and eventually dubby – there is so much goodness oozing out of these 90 minutes.

Then it really starts to peak with the wonderful Weird Alps by Christopher Rau, slightly sped up and sounding even better for it.

I’m not going to give away the rest of it, but it is an absorbing listen from start to end. The actual mix is in 7 parts, but this is the part I keep coming back to.

8.78 out of 10. Yes I am giving sets a rating now. Screw you, haters.