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Lena Willikens @ Dekmantel Festival 2018

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    Fri Jul 19 2019
Lena Willikens

Let’s make it a Dekmantel double-header, shall we? Two weeks in a row of top-notch sets from Dekmantel’s European festival output, and a rising star in Lena Willikens.

There’s a casual initialisation of the mix as it gradually builds into growly semi-techno – you know, the kind of stuff that isn’t at the pace of techno but very much has the feel of it.

The mix really kicks off towards the middle, particularly the almost reversed-jazz track…it feels like it should be massive yet I haven’t got a clue what it is. Funky and fun.

The recording does sound a little distant at times – it is a recorded DJ set, after all.

If you need an introduction to Lena Willikens, this is a good place to start. My enjoyment rating of 7.21.