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La-4a – The Bunker Podcast 115

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    Fri Jan 15 2016

This was one of those I’ve no idea what I’m going to listen to mixes, having never heard of La-4a.

I’d suggest that it is more of an electro mix, but it has a raw house influence, with tracks by the likes of Ron Hardy and Jamie Principle, tinges of acid, occasional splashes of techno and some Italo-disco near the end with the excellent Spacer Woman by Charlie.

My personal highlight, which the mix centres around is La-4a’s edit of Dopplereffekt – Plastiphilia. Oh yeah I want to make love with a mannequin too.

Having done a bit of research, La-4a is actually the better-known Ambivalent. There is a tracklist too.

Enjoy – don’t keep it to yourself.