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Kozo – Feeder Sound Live

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    Sat Jul 09 2022

Yet another obscure DJ that you’ve never heard of – though even I hadn’t heard of Kozo before I listened to this DJ mix. And I listen to a lot of DJ mixes.

Guess which country he is from?

You guessed it, yet another Romanian minimal techno DJ. Though this mix from Kozo starts on more of a deep house tip – I bet you didn’t guess that.

After a while, it does turn to minimal though – don’t panic! And by time it gets to Le Creme Bonjour by Petre Inspirescu you are fully ensconced in a world of minimal.

Another bonus is that there are quite a lot of more recognisable tracks – sometimes this is a good thing anyway, in a world of obscure music that you hear once.

Enjoyment rating of 6.68.

feeder sound · feeder sound LIVE with Kozo