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Julian Perez @ Club Guesthouse, Bucharest

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    Fri Apr 24 2020

I’ve been following Julian Perez for some years now, probably close to 10 years since his DJing talents came to my attention – and he isn’t just a talented DJ but producer too.

He runs both Fathers & Sons Productions and the more recent Girada Unlimited (yes he’s behind that remix of Zapatac), and has a fairly lengthy list of productions to his name.

I think this mix is from 2018, recorded live from Club Guesthouse in Bucharest and is 2.5 hours of the kind of underground house that you’d associate with Julian Perez.

There’s no surprises here. There’s no big tunes here (well bar Zapatac). Just 2.5 of solid, good quality underground house music to groove along to.

Enjoyment rating of 7.23.